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Global Business Communication (French, German, Spanish)

The vocational Level 1/Level 2 award in Global Business Communication is a vocational MFL qualification that will develop the leaner's ability to work more effectively in the global economy. This qualification is available in French, German and Spanish with first teaching in September 2017.

British Academy research "Born Global" indicates that language competence should be seen as a major enabling skill and delivered within a context of broader employability skills.

What are the benefits

This qualification is designed to create independent learners who will not only develop skills associated with language learning such as; communication skills, literacy, problem solving and, creativity, but also gain an understanding of the personal benefits of language competence and the importance of cultural awareness in the world of work.

Learners will develop skills in the foreign language to be able to undertake activities such as:

International work and travel
Building global customer relationships
Global sales and marketing

Latest news

Briefing sessions to introduce the new course are taking place at consortia MFL network meetings throughout the autumn term.

Examiner / Moderator Vacancies

Positions available as Moderators and Examiners for the new Global Business Communication Award Level 1 / Level 2 - French, German and Spanish.

If you have teaching experience assessing Vocational language qualifications please get in touch using the contact details below.

Structure of Qualification

Unit Number Unit Title Assessment GLH
1 Global Opportunities Internal 30
2 Global Travel External 30
3 Global Customer Relationships Internal 30
4 Global Sales and Marketing Internal 30

For further information, please contact:

Subject Officer

Claire Parry
029 2026 5402

Subject Support Officer

Gillian Wells
029 2026 5422


029 20 265328

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