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Publication Policy

The information below explains when WJEC examination documents are made available to registered examination centres and to members of the public.

There is a lag between the time documents are made available to centres via the secure website and when they can be obtained from the public website. This is so that schools and colleges can use them as internal resources before they are available to all.

Documents are available on the website for a maximum of three years.

Question papers and mark schemes

QualificationExamination seriesFree on WJEC's secure website for WJEC registered centresFree to download from public website. 
GCE January

Question papers available the day after the end of each examination series.

Mark schemes available on results day.

1 October
June 1 March
GCSE November 1 August
January 1 October
June 1 March
Entry Level March 1 January
Functional Skills November 1 August
June 1 March


Teachers at centres registered with WJEC

Question papers  are available  the day after the end of each examination series with mark schemes available on the day of results.  These question papers and mark schemes are free of charge to download by registered centres from WJEC's secure website.

Students and parents

Past papers and mark schemes will be available to download free of charge from the public website between 6 to 9 months after the results day of each examination series as detailed on the table above. (For example, past papers from June 2015 will be available on 1 March 2016.)

Examiner reports

QualificationExamination seriesFree from WJEC's public website
GCE January Available on results day
GCSE November
Entry Level March
Functional Skills (England only) November



Downloadable electronic copies are available free of charge on the relevant subject/qualification website pages. Electronic versions of the specifications are made available on the website as soon as they are accredited. These versions will be the most up-to-date.

Teachers' Guides

Teachers' Guides are available free of charge on the website (see Documents listings on Subject/Level pages).


Schools and colleges are welcome to use documents for use in the classroom and for students' private study in preparation for examinations, acknowledging WJEC as appropriate if reproductions are made. If centres wish to copy documents for use outside their centres (whether electronically or in hard copy), they must apply to WJEC for written permission.

Please note: some question papers contain material obtained from third parties, such as newspaper articles, photographs and diagrams. WJEC may not always have been able to obtain full copyright clearance for the use of such materials outside the examinations, and for this reason some papers or extracts may not be available electronically.