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This part of the website is for existing examiners and moderators and those interested in becoming examiners or moderators for WJEC.

“I have been a Principal Examiner for WJEC for 15 years, the experience has been hugely beneficial by giving me additional professional development, in-depth knowledge of the examination process, and pay at competitive rates. The WJEC team has provided me with comprehensive training and advice throughout the process.” - Alun Guy, Principal Examiner for Music.

WJEC Examiner and Moderator commitment

WJEC is committed to ensure each candidate's script is marked fairly and accurately.

Why not become an examiner or moderator and be part of our examining process?

Be part of our examining process and you will develop your own skills and knowledge whilst earning extra income. Examining and moderating are rewarding careers offering a unique opportunity to gain a greater understanding of your subject area. There is also potential to progress to a senior role, which may involve writing question papers and mark schemes, being part of a team developing new specifications, and working at the very heart of your subject.

Examining and moderating is very flexible, the work can be done in your own time alongside your current teaching position. Where applicable, for examiners/moderators that serve teachers in maintained schools, a payment will be made to the school concerned in respect of release of the teacher for attendance at meetings or other examining activities.

Reasons to say 'YES'

  • You will gain valuable CPD
  • You will have opportunities to network with experienced professionals
  • It can enhance your teaching skills and boost your career opportunities
  • It will provide an extra source of income
  • You will receive training and support throughout the process

Do I qualify?

WJEC welcomes applications from past and present secondary school teachers/college lecturers who normally have had at least two years' experience in this field. Please note that the period allowed for marking scripts and moderating coursework is normally a 3 week period, and therefore applicants are advised to consider this carefully as it involves an intensive period of work in a relatively short period of time. Please also note that attendance at an annual Examiners/Moderators Conference is mandatory.

How to apply?

To apply, please follow this link and complete the online application process. Please note you will be asked to provide details of referees, which should include your current, or most recent, head of centre.

The Appointees unit - an integrated approach to Examiners and Moderators

Rob Reynolds

Head of Examiners

Tel: 029 2026 5050

Email: rob.reynolds@wjec.co.uk

Stephanie Searle

Head of Moderators

Tel: 029 2065 5445

Email: stephanie.searle@wjec.co.uk

Helen Donovan

Head of Appointees Unit

Tel: 029 2026 5044

Email helen.donovan@wjec.co.uk