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Customer Service

WJEC and its Customers

WJEC is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Its mission is to provide high quality public qualifications, resources and services that will assist schools and colleges in enabling individuals to fulfil their potential.

In addition to its role as an awarding body, WJEC provides a range of other educational and cultural services. Details of these services may be found here on our website.

As an awarding body, our customers are:

  • Examination centres
  • Individual subject teachers or lecturers preparing candidates for examinations
  • Candidates and parents
  • Users of results and certificates, such as employers, FE and HE institutions and UCAS

Our Aims

  • To provide efficient, well-managed and cost-effective examinations services
  • To be responsive to our customers
  • To comply fully with relevant Codes of Practice for all qualifications offered
  • To improve the quality of our services through ongoing evaluation
  • To implement a comprehensive bilingual policy


To meet these aims, WJEC will:


  • Publicise contact points for all services and ensure that relevant staff are accessible within normal office hours for information and advice
  • Reply promptly to enquiries, whether by e-mail, phone or letter
  • Promote the use of ICT as appropriate for the improved delivery of products and services
  • Use clear English or Welsh in all instructions and guidance
  • Share appropriate information about WJEC activities with our customers in a timely manner

Qualification specifications, related materials, guidance and training

  • Issue specifications in hard copy and on the WJEC website well in advance of the start of courses
  • For all new specifications, provide specimen question papers, mark schemes, exemplar material and free introductory INSET
  • Provide past examination papers, marking schemes and examiners' reports following each examination series
  • Provide support materials and INSET as appropriate during the life of specifications

Administrative processes

  • Present information with the aims of minimising errors in the exchange of data and aiding forward-planning within centres, supported by training where appropriate
  • Deliver question papers in good time for the examinations
  • Issue results and certificates in accordance with published dates
  • Process post results services within the times stipulated for the various services offered
  • Publish a schedule of fees for all services offered during the following calendar year

Welsh-Medium Services

  • Adhere to the WJEC Welsh Language Scheme, in accordance with requirements of the 1993 Welsh Language Act
  • Provide Welsh-medium specifications and question papers for all subject areas
  • Produce WJEC circulars, guidelines, administrative booklets and certificates bilingually
  • Provide a fully bilingual website, and respond to Welsh-medium correspondence and enquiries in Welsh

Measuring Performance

The quality of services provided is measured in a number of ways:

  • WJEC conducts a review of the summer examinations series, which is reported to the Board of Directors and discussed at our advisory group meetings.
  • Through customer service surveys, WJEC periodically seeks the views of centres about the range, quality and delivery of services provided.
  • Centres are invited to comment on each year's question papers. Comments are collated and considered by the relevant Question Paper Evaluation Committee (QPEC) for the following year's examinations.
  • Each year the regulators (Qualifications Wales in Wales, Ofqual in England and CCEA in Northern Ireland) publish details of the performance of all awarding bodies against a range of performance indicators (issuing of results, the number of enquiries about results and the completion of re-mark services within the times set, etc.).
  • We review the number and nature of complaints received, as outlined in our complaints policy and these feed into our continuous improvement cycle, as appropriate.

Suggestions for improvements to WJEC services are always welcome. A list of useful contact points is given below.

If this response is not considered satisfactory, the complaint about WJEC service will be considered by an independent member of staff not connected with the issue concerned.

In the event of continuing dissatisfaction with WJEC's response on any matter, the issue will be referred to the Chief Executive or Chairman in order to obtain a view that is independent of the point of service delivery.

Useful Contacts

General enquiries about services:

245 Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 2YX | www.wjec.co.uk | 029 2026 5000

Enquiries about post-results services:

01443 845619 

Enquiries about Welsh-medium services:

Siân Llewellyn Jones, Principal Manager (Welsh Medium)
(029) 2026 5162 sian.llewelyn@wjec.co.uk

Enquiries about partnerships and business development:

Hugh Lester, Partnership Executive
(029) 2026 5385 hugh.lester@wjec.co.uk

Administrative enquiries relating to:

A level: 029 2026 5148/5149/5336 gce@wjec.co.uk

GCSE: 029 2026 5133/5154 gcse@wjec.co.uk

CPD: 029 2026 5018/5024 cpd@wjec.co.uk

Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification: 029 2026 5010 info@wbq.org.uk

Entry Level and Functional Skills: 029 2026 5180 entrylevel@wjec.co.uk

Entries: 029 2026 5193/194 entries@wjec.co.uk